Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

The Role Of An Energy And Mineral Law Foundation With Diverse Participating Members

by Roger Hoffman

There are mining laws governing how mining is conducted in states where mining is a major industry in America. So as to emphasize the importance of responsible mining in the industry, you as a concerned person can join the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation. Participators who join the foundation come from different walks of life including mineral companies, consulting firms, individual attorneys and law firms. Law schools and students along with retirees can become members of the foundation. Trade and professional associations are also welcome as are industry executives. You can expect to participate in mining conferences that concentrate on hydraulic fracturing and associated horizontal drilling, which is a hot topic in the mining industry.

Fracturing And Horizontal Drilling

A new range of technical challenges that create legal and environmental issues has emerged in oil and gas industries. As expected, this development promotes new issues, and your participation in conferences about fracturing and horizontal drilling can help to clear up misunderstandings and mistakes. One of the more troubling and lingering issues in the oil and gas industry is the question of how fracturing is handled when it crosses over to impact below-ground property lines.

Liability And Associated Trespassing Issues

Of course, you expect the question of liability and trespassing issues to emerge when fractures go beyond property lines. Litigation may be indicated for such instances. However, the purpose of scheduling mining conferences is to have a meeting of the minds. You want to find another way to arrive at conclusive and joint agreements instead of pursuing litigation at the drop of a hat and in extreme cases the use of regulations as the most effective answers to fracturing. In fact, some states see the setting of government regulations as an industry bogeyman.

What's Best For The Community And Environment

The states would rather deal with the use of agreements as an alternative to regulation or litigation. It may even be more agreeable to have state rules that handle local fracturing issues as opposed to introducing federal rules that complicate local issues. Oil and gas professionals are understandably better equipped to recognize local issues and arrive at shared agreements when and if fracturing occurs. They know the terrain. Tied down with too much government regulation or interference at the federal level, solutions can offer questionable outcomes when handed down as federal rules and regulations.

How Mining Conferences Help

Mining conferences bring together a diverse group of individuals who learn to understand the importance of oil and gas industries to America's homes and economy. A diverse group of thinkers from different backgrounds are likely to listen to each other's opinions and arrive at balanced solutions that serve not only the community at large but the environment as well.

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