Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Functions Often Included On The Operating Interface Of A Variable Frequency Drive

by Roger Hoffman

If you have an industrial business that involves the use of a lot of electrical equipment, you are bound to have at least one variable frequency drive (VFD) in operation. These valuable controllers make it possible to get the most out of voltage that is delivered and allow complete interruption of frequency at the touch of a button. Most variable frequency drives you can find, such as the Delta VFD C2000, are outfitted with a nice user interface that offers a range of different functions to the person controlling the unit. Take a look at some of the functions that are typically included on the operating interface of a variable frequency drive. 

The ability to switch between automatic and manual functions. 

Most modern VFDs are equipped with multiple options for operation; they can run on an automatic, preset setting or they can be controlled manually. Older drive versions did not have this function, but the most modern ones will, and switching between functions is as easy as hitting a few buttons on the operating interface. This allows for quick adjustments while equipment is actually still in operation and connected to the drive. 

The ability to grant access to the drive by an external controller. 

It is not uncommon for some VFDs to need to be directly controlled by an external, or remote controller. For example, if the VFD is position directly beside a really loud motor that is in operation, it would not be logical for someone to stand at the VFD to operate the unit. In the case where you do have to have an external controller connected, the interface will have a button to push to allow that external connection. 

The ability to connect to other input and output cables. 

If the VFD is equipped with connecting points where you can extend the control frequency over multiple devices, the interface will usually have buttons you can push to toggle these line-in and line-out connections on or off. Having the ability to do this makes it easier to switch off those external connections instead of completely disconnecting the cables from the unit. 

Overall, the design of the variable control drive makes the functions of the unit easier to manage. If you would like to know more about user interfaces of the VFDs you use in your industrial facility, refer to your owner's manual or reach out to the manufacturer for advice. For more information, contact a company such as Delta AC Drives today.


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