Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

3 Reasons To Start Using Managed IT Services At Your Business

by Roger Hoffman

If you are spending more and more time as a business owner trying to troubleshoot your small company's growing IT infrastructure, you are likely spending much less time than you would like on the actual business part of your job. Luckily, there's a solution out there that can help you. Hiring a company that offers managed IT services can help free up your time while offering a variety of additional benefits. Here are three reasons why you should contact a local managed IT services company today. 

1. Pay for What You Use

When you used a managed services company, you only have to pay them for the amount of time they are actually working on fixing your problem. If one of the reasons why you've never hired outside help for IT is because you think you can't afford it, think again. You can still budget for IT help if you want, but there might be long stretches where no help is needed, and you can reinvest that money into other areas of your business.

2. Less Hassle Than Hiring a New Employee

The other option here would be to just hire a new employee who can help you with IT problems full-time. But bringing on a new full-time employee has additional costs. You might have to offer them health care or 401K benefits just like you do for every other employee. You'll also have to spend time and possibly money on training to bring them up to speed with your company's culture. When you bring in a managed services team, they will go out of their way to learn whatever they need to know about your business, but then they will leave you alone until you need them. 

3. Keep Up With Your Competition

If you are a small business that is trying to compete with a company that is much larger, you might find that your IT system pales compared to what that other company has available and you likely don't have as many employees that can help out in case of an emergency. But when you bring in professional help, a managed IT services team can provide help at scale. If the problem you are facing is severe, the managed team will put more employees on it. In this way, you'll be able to respond to trouble much in the same way that a larger company would.

Contact a local managed IT services team today for more information.


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Increasing Sales at Your Business

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