Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Does Your Office Need A New Copier?

by Roger Hoffman

Your office may be ready for a new copier sooner than you think. If you use your copier several times a day, the unit will wear out more quickly than if you only use your unit periodically. You don't want to lose the ability to print and make copies in the office, which can halt much of your production, so pay attention to these signs you need a new copier. You can buy an office copy machine from your office equipment supply store.

Your copies are unreliable

If you print copies off of your copy machine and some of them come out crisp and readable while others come out blank or with weak ink, then you may need a new copy machine. Or, if you go to print copies and your copy machine doesn't print the amount you want or is off-centered with print so the ink is illegible, then a new copy machine may be needed.

The first thing you should do is check your copy machine's ink. If the ink is low, replace it and see if your copying efforts improve. If after this change copies still come out unreliable, then you need a new copy machine.

Your copy machine jams

If you have to remove a paper jam every time you make copies, the issue isn't how you load the machine—it's likely in the rollers of the machine itself. A copier that frequently jams up is an annoyance because you waste paper and time trying to get the unit to work properly. You can have your copier repaired, although if the appliance is older, your better investment is in a new copier.

Your copy machine overheats

Never place your copier directly against a wall, or you risk the unit overheating. If your copier is older, it may overheat anyway, which can lead to the unit shutting down randomly, especially if you are making many copies at once. You can tell if your copier is overheating because it will emit a hot plastic or burning cord smell or will feel warm or hot to the touch.

Check the back of your copy machine to make sure there is no paper or other debris blocking the vents. If you've kept your copier free of blockages and it still overheats, call your office copy machine supplier so you can discuss your replacement options. Unplug any copy machine that smells of smoke or looks like it may catch fire.


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