Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Recruiting a Technical Recruiter Who Recruits Technical Employees: What to Look For

by Roger Hoffman

Not having a vast knowledge of all things technical can sometimes put employers at a disadvantage. How do you go about finding IT people that are the right candidates for the positions that your company has available? Do you know enough to hire someone else that knows even more? It is really easy for some people to claim that they have technical and computer knowledge by memorizing keywords and phrases and throwing them around in an interview. Doing so when the interviewer is not a tech person either makes the candidate sound especially intelligent, knowledgeable, and promising, even when he or she is not. 

Having said that, what you actually need is a technical recruiter. A technical recruiter has the necessary knowledge to spot the unqualified candidates from the right ones. The technical recruiter asks intermediate and advanced questions of all candidates that will help expose those that are not as knowledgeable and help separate them from those that are. All you have to do then is look for the right candidate to take the position of a technical recruiter. Here is what to look for.

The Technical Recruiter Has an Educational Background in IT

Absolutely look for and ask about an education in IT. The right candidate can provide you with either a stack of certifications or a degree. Those candidates that come in with this education to back them up should be the ones to go on the "might hire" pile. The rest you can leave on the "not going to hire" pile.

The Technical Recruiter Has the Ability to Conduct an Interview

Ask a technical recruiter candidate to conduct a mock interview with you whereby he or she is the interviewer and you are the IT candidate. The interview should be a test of the technical recruiter candidate's skills to speak with authority and professionalism. If the person can effectively conduct a mock interview with you, then they can do dozens of interviews with the string of IT candidates clamoring for your company's open positions. 

Check with Temp Agencies

Another route you can try is to check with temp agencies. See if they have any technical recruiters on their rosters. Then you could just borrow and temporarily hire a technical recruiter from the temp agency to conduct all of the IT interviews. His or her period working for you would end when you have chosen candidates to fill the open IT positions.


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