Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Six Characteristics to Look into When Screening New Construction Worker Applicants

by Roger Hoffman

Staying adequately staffed can be difficult for a construction company's human resources staff or service provider. Construction work can be demanding and require advanced skills. This can make hiring slightly more challenging than it is in other industries.

Human resources staff members need to know what characteristics to look into to find appropriate employees for open positions. The following are six characteristics to look into when screening new construction worker applicants:

Experience related to construction

Of course, probably the number one consideration is what type of construction experience the applicant has. Although general laborers might be able to handle some work around a construction site, there are some job roles that will require skilled laborers like carpenters or cement workers. Human resources should understand applicant's construction background and also understand the experience needs of the job role they're hiring for. 

Stability and reliability regarding job history

Construction projects often run on a deadline basis. You need to be able to reliably determine when a project will be complete. Therefore, you need employees who you can depend on to continue working with your company for the duration of your project. To find such employees, the human resources staff you work with for your hiring should analyze the work history of applicants to make sure that they can be relied on to stick through with a project to completion. 

Teamwork abilities

Most construction jobs require collaboration with others. Therefore, teamwork ability is important when hiring construction workers. Human resources staff working with construction companies should question applicants regarding how much experience they've had working on large teams to accomplish construction projects. This will ensure that new hires have the communication skills needed to achieve goals in a team setting.


Applicants without any construction experience in their background can make up for it if they are ambitious and devoted to starting an ongoing career in construction.

Location and transportation method

Employees that aren't able to conveniently get to your work site are less likely to stick with the job. Some new construction sites are located in out-of-the-way places, so access through daily transportation is not guaranteed unless employees have their own vehicles. Asking about their distance from your site and transportation is important for gauging how well you can count on new employees to continue showing up and coming in on time. 

Physical abilities

There's no denying that physical strength is important for those working in construction roles. It's important when hiring construction staff to be conscious of an applicant's physical abilities. It's also important to match applicants to job roles according to their physical abilities and the demands of the job role in question. 

For more information, contact other businesses that provide HR services in the construction industry.


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