Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Recovery Tips For Endurance Athletes

by Roger Hoffman

If you are an endurance athlete and you are training for your next big event, then it is important to understand how to recover. Heavy training breaks down your muscle and makes you very tired. If you do not get proper sleep and nutrition, then it is a well known fact that you will have a poor recovery. In addition to proper nutrition and sleep, it is vital that you investigate additional methods of treating your body and getting the recovery you desperately need. This article will outline a few of the different techniques you can use. 

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the best things you can do for recovery. The benefits of massage are many. First, the massage therapist will help make sure that your muscles are loose and not tight. This is important for people who are going to be lifting weights or exercising multiple times a week. Secondly, the massage therapy will help with making sure the muscles have enough blood flow to them, which is important for when you spend hours in the gym exercising. If you are a serious endurance athlete, make sure that you choose something such as a deep tissue massage. This is because deep tissue massage is helpful at breaking up tight knots and other tension spots that can become problem issues when you are on a heavy weight training regimen. 

Cold Therapy (In The Form Of A Shower)

There has been a lot of recent scientific studies and discussion regarding cold therapy, specifically cold showers. There is mounting evidence that taking a cold shower after you exercise has benefits on muscle growth. So, what anyone who is an endurance athlete should start to incorporate into their morning regimen is a cold shower right after they hit the gym. Instead of taking a hot shower (which used to be popular because it was thought to loosen up muscles) you should consider taking a very cold shower.

Drip Hydration Therapy

Finally, a really excellent recovery tip for endurance athletes is to utilize drip hydration therapy. This is a procedure wherein a professional will hook up an IV drip that will supply your body with a flood of healthy nutrients. Many of the businesses that offer hydration iv drip therapy services will supply you with an IV that has not only saline, but also antioxidants such as Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients. These are important because when you exercise hard (which is bound to happen when you are training for an endurance event), your body will need an ample supply of not only saline (which helps to keep you hydrated) but anti-oxidants. 


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