Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Do You Have To Work Out In The Rain? 4 Tips For Saying Safe & Dry

by Roger Hoffman

Not all jobs can be completed indoors. Some jobs require you to be outside, no matter the conditions. If you have a job that requires you to work out in the rain, you need to invest in rain gear for work to keep yourself both safe and dry when you have to be outside in the elements.

Purchase a Rain Suit

When you work outside on a regular basis, you need a rain suit. You can purchase a rain suit that contains both a rain jacket and a pair of waterproof pants as a set, or you can purchase those items individually.

When looking for a rain jacket, you want one that will wick sweat away with the internal layer, while at the same time repelling rain away. A jacket that is described as both waterproof and breathable will meet these criteria. Stay away from jackets that are labeled as water-resistant, as those are made for light rain, not for people who will be working outside in wet conditions for hours at a time.

When it comes rain pants, you want pants that have 2 or 3 layers of fabric. Pants with multiple layers will have a breathable layer on the inside and a waterproof layer on the outside. Look for pants that are waterproof and have a durable water-repellent coating applied to the fabric.

Carry Two Pairs of Boots with You

Next, carry at least two pairs of boots with you in your work vehicle. You want one really good pair of waterproof boots. You want your waterproof boots to protect above your ankle and around your calf in order to really keep you dry when it is wet outside.

Your backup pair of boots can be any old pair of work boots you have. That way, if your primary pair of boots gets saturated with water, you can still keep your feet dry.

Extra Set of Clothing

It is a good idea to carry an extra set of work clothes with you at all times. It may start pouring and your shirt or bottoms could get drenched before you are able to put on your rain gear. Having an extra set of clothing with you is the best way to ensure you never have to work in wet clothes in the rain.

Carry Latex Gloves

When you are working out in the rain, wearing wet gloves can be frustrating. If you don't want your hands to be wet the entire time you are working outdoors, put on a pair of latex gloves and then put your work gloves on top. Your work gloves may get wet, but your hands will stay dry with this method.

When it comes to working in the rain, you want to have a nice rain suit to keep you dry. Always carry an extra set of clothing, boots, and some latex gloves during the rainy season as well. That way, if you get wet, you can get dry again.


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