Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Three Types Of Theft That Country Club Security Guards Can Prevent

by Roger Hoffman

When you run a country club, one of the security issues that might concern you is theft. Various types of theft can be problematic for your organization in a number of ways — including giving your members the impression that your club isn't secure, which may prompt them to choose not to renew their memberships. Instead of facing this risk, you should hire private security officers from a local security company. Working in uniform and in plainclothes, these professionals can be instrumental in reducing the risk of these types of theft at your club.

Vehicle Theft

Country club members are often affluent, which means that your parking lot will frequently contain a lot of luxury vehicles. Criminals in the area may plan to visit with the goal of stealing one or more of these vehicles, but doing so immediately becomes less appealing when there are uniformed security officers on the premises. Your guards can not only check the identification of people as they enter the lot but also conduct regular patrols through the lot to ensure that no one appears to be plotting a theft.

Personal Possession Theft

Your members need to feel that when they leave their valuables in their lockers, these items will remain secure. There can be considerable value in the locker room of a country club — someone who visits to play tennis or go swimming may leave their smartphone, watch, jewelry, and wallet in their locker. A shrewd thief may be able to defeat the lock on a locker, but the presence of a security officer at the entrance to the locker room may discourage the thief from attempting to steal anything. A security officer can visually assess people as they enter and exit the space, asking for peoples' membership numbers when the need arises.

Alcohol Theft

Another type of theft that you might worry about is the theft of alcohol. Country clubs tend to have considerable amounts of pricey alcohol on hand, and someone may be able to enter a storage room, load some cases of alcohol into a waiting vehicle, and depart within a matter of minutes. This type of criminal act becomes immediately more difficult when you have security officers on the scene. Not only does their presence discourage people from even thinking about break the law, but officers on patrol can also constantly be checking back doors to your building to ensure that they're locked.

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