Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Use Garlic Seasonings To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Favorite Dishes

by Roger Hoffman

Do you enjoy the pungent aroma and bold taste of garlic but find that you always seem to put too many pieces of garlic into the dishes that you prepare? Using fresh garlic can be challenging for a novice cook, and it can be difficult to get the right amount of garlic taste on both sides of a cut of meat or sliced vegetables. An easier way to enhance the flavoring of the ingredients that you will be cooking is by applying a coating of garlic seasoning.

Garlic Salt Isn't The Same As Garlic Seasoning

If you have purchased garlic salt in the past and discovered that the saltiness was a little too strong for your liking, you can try a pure garlic seasoning variety or one that is blended with fresh herbs and spices that are designed to complement the garlic. Garlic salt is a suitable seasoning for a variety of dishes, but it is a seasoning that needs to be used sparingly since the salt will overpower food items if too much is used. A 29-ounce bottle of pure garlic seasoning is a flavoring that can be used with a heavier hand. 

Various Methods Can Be Used To Flavor Foods

After purchasing the desired garlic seasonings, decide what type of menu you will create to inform your purchases. If you decide to grill out some steaks or chicken or if you are going to create a stir fry that contains meat and vegetables, pour each type of garlic seasoning into a separate shallow bowl. Use a pair of tongs to place each cut of meat on top of the seasoning.

Use the tongs to press the meat downward, and then use the ends of the tongs to grasp the meat and flip it over. Press the other side of the meat against the mixture. If you have difficulty getting the seasoning to stick evenly across the surface of a steak or a piece of raw chicken, create a seasoning mixture that contains butter or olive oil.

First, melt some butter and pour it into a bowl. If you would rather use olive oil, drizzle the oil into the bottom of a bowl. Sprinkle the garlic seasoning on top of the melted butter or olive oil. Coat both sides of each piece of meat. Cook the meat immediately after seasoning it. Use the desired cooking method that you have selected for the recipe that you are preparing.

To learn more, contact a company that has products such as a 29-oz garlic seasoning jar. 


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