Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

4 Things To Take Into Account When Picking The Best Valve Manifold Box

by Roger Hoffman

For facilities that handle fluid and gas delivery, it would not normally be feasible if every unit requiring the material had its own individual line of delivery straight from the source. A valve manifold box takes gas or fluid from one source and then breaks it down into various distribution outlets to be delivered to multiple reception points. Picking the unit that is most aptly designed to handle the application that you have in mind is important. Therefore, there are certain questions to know the answers to in the process. As you pick out valve manifold boxes to use in your industrial setup, it is important that you consider the four following things. 

What kind of gas or fluid will be moving through the manifold box?

A Valve Manifold Box is typically used to distribute some kind of fluid or gas, which means the material moving through may be in either liquid or vapor form. Whatever the case may be, it is important that the manifold box is designed to be compatible with the type of fluid or gas that is going to be moved through it. Therefore, you should know right off what kind of material the panel will be tasked with distributing. 

What temperature will the fluid be as it moves through the box?

The materials that manifolds are made out of must be able to accommodate the proper temperatures of the material that is moving through. For instance, if the panel will be distributing hot steam, the valve manifolds have to have gaskets and seals that can withstand the heat. 

What will the flow rate and pressure be of the fluids moving through the valve manifold box?

Just as the interior components of the valve manifolds must be able to withstand temperature, they must also be able to withstand the flow rate and pressure of the material that is moving through. A high-pressure gas, for instance, could easily knock components loose inside of a manifold if the unit is not aptly designed to handle the high pressure. 

Where will the valve manifold box be placed?

This is important to consider because the outer exterior of the box itself should be built to withstand whatever environment it is placed in. For example, if the valve manifold box is going to have to be placed in an area where there is a lot of moisture, the exterior should be corrosion-resistant. 


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