Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Three Benefits Of Wearing A Clear Face Shield

by Roger Hoffman

Wearing face protection is essential to lessen the spread of germs in the age of COVID-19, and you have a number of options at your disposal. While many people wear washable or disposable masks, others opt for clear face shields. In some cases, conscientious individuals opt for both pieces of protective gear. When it comes to deciding between a mask and a face shield, you should first determine the laws in your state. Should you have the choice to wear either device — or if there are no laws but you wish to protect yourself and others by wearing something — here are some benefits of wearing a clear face shield.

It's More Comfortable

While there's no disputing the value of masks, a lot of people find that they can be uncomfortable. For example, their elastic straps may pull your ears forward a little, which can be less than appealing if you wear the mask for an extended period of time. One thing that you'd notice about wearing a clear face shield is that it's often far more comfortable. The only part of the device that touches your body is the head strap, which you can finely adjust to ensure that it sits comfortably against your scalp.

It Won't Fog Up Your Glasses

People who wear eyeglasses sometimes have trouble with face masks that cover their nose and mouth. When you breathe while wearing this device, the hot and humid air that you exhale can often cause your glasses to fog up. While the fog will dissipate quickly, it will reappear as you exhale again. This is obviously something that can be not only irritating but also disruptive. In severe cases, you might struggle to clearly see what's in front of you. Because a clear face shield doesn't sit tightly against your nose and mouth, you won't encounter the same problem.

It Provides More Coverage

A face shield is also valuable because of how much of your face it covers. Whereas a mask does a good job of covering your nose and mouth, it covers little else. If someone were to be in close contact with you and cough, his or her saliva could land on your face — where you might accidentally touch it and then touch your nose or mouth upon removing your mask. When you wear a clear shield, it essentially covers your entire face from your forehead to your chin, so this type of contamination would be less likely.

For more info about reusable face shields, talk to a supplier in your area.


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