Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

3 Features Your Restaurant's New Queue System Should Offer

by Roger Hoffman

Are you getting ready to invest in a new queue system for your restaurant? Here are a few features that should go with the system you choose:

Online Booking Capabilities

Currently, it is a good idea to make sure that your restaurant's new queue system has online booking capabilities. This will allow customers to book a table whether from home, on the way to your restaurant from a movie, or from your restaurant's parking lot last minute. Your hosts will spend less time signing diners in and putting them in your queue, and more time making sure that people who are dining have a nice experience.

If people are able to book a table online quickly and conveniently, you should be able to better schedule tables and lessen the queue line at any given time throughout the day. Also, online booking will allow you to take orders while reservations are being made so that your kitchen has a heads up and can be optimally prepared for guests when they arrive.

Mobile Queuing Options

If your restaurant's new queue system offers mobile queuing options, your staff will be able to alert customers on their mobile phones when their tables are ready. You will never have to hand out pagers or rely on your host to hunt customers down if they are not sitting in the reception area — which could be a real help while working through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chances are that people will be more careful and aware of the possibility of being exposed to illness in public even after the pandemic subsides. People will likely appreciate the opportunity to wait outside or in their vehicle until they are alerted on their mobile phones that it is time to head to their table inside.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Your management team should know exactly how many tables are filled and how many people are waiting for tables at any given time. They should understand the average amount of time people are spending at tables during a given afternoon or evening. A queuing system can help them know when a reservation is canceled or when someone does not show up.

If they do not know this information in real-time, they cannot properly manage the dining room which will cost your restaurant money in the long run. Therefore, your new queue system should provide real-time data reporting that can be filtered and delivered to your management team's email addresses upon request.


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