Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Protocols To Follow When Selling Antique Jewelry At Auctions

by Roger Hoffman

There are a lot of valuable items that can be found at auctions. Antique jewelry is one of these items. If you have some and are looking to make a good profit by selling it using this avenue that gives you access to a lot of potential buyers, these protocols can provide meaningful guidance and structure.

Avoid Parting Ways With Sentimental Pieces

Antique jewelry that has sentimental value is going to be even more personal and valuable to you. Thus, if you attempt to sell it at an auction, you increase your odds of having regrets. That would be terrible because you may not be able to get the pieces back after the auction sale concludes.

It's probably best to just avoid selling antique jewelry that has this value and is something that potentially was passed down in your family. Instead, focus on jewelry you're not attached to and are just looking to make a profit from. 

Make Sure Auction Company Knows What They're Doing

You have the choice to select whichever auction company you want to sell antique jewelry. Take this freedom to really find an auction company that knows what they're doing at every stage of this auction process.

That includes estimating the value of your antique jewelry, taking the necessary precautions of protecting it, and properly displaying it for potential buyers to see. A well-run auction company is going to help you get the most out of this sale and keep complications from showing up throughout the auction.

Have Jewelry Put in Auction Catalogs

A pretty stand practice for auctions where older jewelry is sold is creating auction catalogs for people to see. They show them what is going to be for sale and how much the item could potentially go for. You want to include your antique jewelry in these catalogs, even if you have to pay to do so.

You can think of these catalogs as a way to market your antique jewelry. There will be pictures of these items and detailed descriptions. Buyers want to know this information and access it as early as possible. Then you'll have more opportunities to sell your antique jewelry at fair prices.

If you're looking to use auctions as a way to sell antique jewelry, put your best foot forward in researching auction companies, getting your jewelry evaluated, and knowing how to market it appropriately. These objectives will get you a value that you're pleased with. 

Contact a professional who can help you sell antique jewelry at an auction for more advice.


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