Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

What A Farm Insurance Policy Can Cover

by Roger Hoffman

If you own a farm or are thinking of purchasing one, getting a farm insurance policy can help protect your property. Like other types of insurance, farm insurance is designed to cover the costs that are related to certain damages, losses, and other unforeseen expenses. You can choose from policies that give you the most basic coverage to ones that will cover a wider range of expenses. Here are just some of the things that a farm insurance policy typically covers.

The Farmhouse

The house in which you'll live on the farm should be covered when you buy a farm insurance policy. Like regular home insurance, your policy should cover damages and losses that are related to fire, flooding, and other natural and manmade disasters. If your farmhouse is ever burglarized or vandalized, your farm insurance plan should also cover the related damages and losses. Your policy may even include fair rental value coverage, which will pay the cost of rent if you ever need to move into a rental home temporarily while your farmhouse is undergoing repairs that are needed to make your dwelling habitable again. To protect any barns, sheds, or other structures on your farm that are separate from your farmhouse, you should consider getting farm outbuilding coverage.


The animals that live on your farm might get seriously injured or even killed because of an accident or an attack by a wild animal. Fortunately, you can get a farm insurance policy that will cover the loss or rehabilitative care of your livestock. Some policies also cover farm animals that are injured or lost because of severe storms or other environmental disasters. You'll definitely want to have the right amount of livestock coverage with your insurance plan if you have horses, as these animals can be used for a variety of purposes to make a farm more functional.


From your tractors and hay stackers to your crop seeders and cultivators, all your essential farm equipment can be covered with the right farm insurance policy. Damage caused by normal wear and tear may not be covered, but your policy should definitely compensate you for any equipment that's damaged or lost because of theft, vandalism, or a catastrophic event. Any vehicles that are used for farm work that are covered under a commercial auto insurance plan can also possibly be added to your farm insurance policy for even better coverage and bigger savings.


A farm insurance plan with liability coverage may save you from having to pay the medical expenses of any farmhands or guests who get injured on your property. Having this coverage may be especially beneficial if any of your farm animals end up hurting someone. If your farm is located next to someone else's property, your liability coverage can also compensate the owner for any damages or losses that happen on their property because of a fire or another misfortunate incident that occurs on your farm.

The money that you invest to get farm insurance coverage can amount to big savings if you ever need to cover certain expenses that you might not be financially able to pay. The agent who enrolls you in your farm insurance policy can explain all your options and coverage amounts in full detail so that you'll know exactly what you're getting with your plan. To learn more, check out this site or similar sites on farm insurance.


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