Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Need Retirement Income? Money Saving Tips For Starting A Family Cabin Rental Business

by Roger Hoffman

If the retirement from your nine-to-five career is fast approaching and you want to do something totally different for a second career, or just earn some additional retirement income, opening a family cabin rental business may be a great choice. These rustic vacation getaways are continuing to grow in popularity with both families and couples who are looking to get away from the high-tech stress of daily life and enjoy a more natural setting. If you can picture yourself enjoying this type of business, the following tips can help you get started for less. 

Work with a less-expensive parcel of land

The most popular vacation destinations have an attraction for the clientele it is designed to attract. Natural attractions, like rivers, lakes, and beaches are very popular with vacationers, but the cost of buying this type of land can be prohibitive for a new business to absorb. Instead, consider purchasing a much less-expensive parcel with a good location and then having a small pond dug for fishing and kayaking, and a swimming pool installed, both of which can be much more affordable in cost. 

Use pre-built sheds as cabins

The building of ten or more rental cabins can also be a cost that is not affordable for a new business venture. Instead of taking on the expense of designing and building these structures on-site, consider purchasing pre-built sheds that are constructed off-site, then hauled in and situated on your prepared site. 

The interiors can then be inexpensively finished into bed-sitting areas with a full bath and small kitchenette. Depending on the size of pre-built shed you choose, extra sleeping space can be added by using sleeper sofas in the living area, or by building beds that are able to be folded away, out of sight during the day. 

Design for lower maintenance

Retirees who opt to begin a vacation rental business will want to design the entire project to reduce ongoing maintenance needs. Doing this will save money on maintenance costs, but more importantly, it can allow an aging proprietor to continue in their role for much longer than they might with a more labor intensive design. Ideas for lower maintenance designs include: 

  • choosing cabin exteriors and roofing that will require little or no maintenance, such as metal or cedar shakes
  • keeping the interiors rustic, with natural wood floors and walls that will not need annual painting or refinishing
  • using gravel or sand, instead of grass as landscaping around the cabin and guest areas to reduce mowing 

Running a vacation cabin rental business can be a rewarding way to earn extra retirement income, while enjoying the beauty of nature. To learn more about the vacation rental business before you begin, plan to spend several weekends staying at appealing vacation rentals in the area in which you would like to open one of your own. For more information, contact a company like Star Point Resort today.


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