Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

What You Need To Know About Badge Printing

by Roger Hoffman

Working with an ID card service provider to produce badges for use at job sites, at events, or in other applications is a good way to see that you can deliver an appropriate level of security while offering corresponding access control. The job often calls for having a fairly large base of technology in place, so it's helpful to work with a badge printing company that can address those needs. It's important, however, to have a clear idea of what your requirements will be before you get too involved with deploying a system and cards.

Long- vs. Short-Term Applications

The necessary durability of the cards and badges that'll be issued has a significant effect on how you'll approach the job. If you're dealing with a one-week event with limited check-ins, cards and badges can be made from fairly thin and simple materials. Conversely, if you expect to use the same ones for months, or even years, a sturdier PVC material with lamination may be a better choice. Explain to the badge printing company what your situation will be to ensure you achieve the desired results without breaking your budget.

Supporting Technologies

Should your operation prefer to use automated systems to speed up the process of giving people access to areas, you'll want to ask questions about the supporting technologies. If you already have a scanning system in place, your primary questions will be about the compatibility of the ID card service firm's products. If you haven't committed to a system yet, then you'll want to explore options that meet your needs. Improvements in these technologies mean that cards and badges can be handled in a variety of ways, including optical scanning and no-touch swiping using RFID chips.

The advent of mobile app readers has made scanning cards and badges easier. This can be especially beneficial for folks who are putting together events, such as festivals or concerts, and it allows operations to perform more checks.

Additional Security Measures

Many organizations prefer to include anti-copying technologies in the cards and badges they utilize. One of the most common solutions to this problem is to utilize embedded holograms in the cards, as this can defeat simple efforts to scan and reproduce them using consumer-grade technologies. Customers have also started to rely on two-factor authentication, systems that use added security measures such as PINs and thumbprint scans, to provide another layer of security.  


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