Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Give Your Modern Salon Business Contemporary Flair With Plate Metal Pieces

by Roger Hoffman

Your modern salon is the place where customers come because they want what you have to offer, but does the inside of your business building truly reflect that modern-world feel? If you are like most salon owners, you do pretty well with your business model, but the inner design of your building could use a little extra oomph to make it more attractive in the eyes of customers and more in-line with the revolutionary business persona you want to exude. Plate metal pieces could be an easy way to add that touch of contemporary drama you want inside of your salon building. 

Install metal backsplashes behind hair-washing stations. 

Instead of the typical tiled backsplash above the hair-washing sinks, go for something a little more flashy with sheet metal. You can pick up sheet metal that is galvanized and textured to add that extra pop of personality, and even better, the sheet metal can be treated so it is completely resilient to moisture and easy to clean. If you are tired of washing hair dye off of the grout on the existing tile backsplash, a metal one serves the dual purpose of style and functionality because it is easier to keep clean. 

Dress up the waiting area with plate metal furniture. 

The waiting area of your salon is the first visual experience customers will have. If you want a more contemporary impression, trade out that traditional plastic or outdated wooden finish for something with a little more glitzy: plate metal. You can pick up plate metal tables, shelves, and even chairs or stools with metal components for a fairly inexpensive price. As an added advantage, metal is far less likely to get stained or contaminated, so it is easy to keep clean and sparkly for your customers. 

Make a drastic change in overhead appearance with plate metal ceiling tiles. 

If you want to completely vamp up the overall appearance of your salon, consider covering that boring ceiling of yours with plate metal tiles. Adding metal tiles to the ceiling will do a few things. First, it will create a dramatic appearance to the space to give it that sort of industrial flair you may be going for in your contemporary design. Secondly, a metal ceiling is going to help distribute light, which means the lighting fixtures you have in place can become more efficient in keeping things visible in the salon. 

Contact a plate metal supply company for more help.


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