Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

Three Alternate Uses For A Backyard Storage Shed

by Roger Hoffman

Whether you live in a four-season climate or somewhere much warmer, your local landscape is likely to be dotted with backyard storage sheds. These handy sheds can free up garage space by storing lawnmowers, hedge clippers, and bicycles, along with just about anything else you'd like to keep safe from the elements. But these handy sheds don't necessarily need to store garden implements or deck furniture. Read on for three offbeat alternative uses for a backyard storage shed, such as the Duramax storage sheds.

Home Office

For tax purposes, having a freestanding home office can make a lot of sense. And for those who find it tough to maintain a work/life balance when working from home, the dedicated separate space provided by a storage shed office can improve productivity. With the ready availability of wireless internet and solar lighting, it can be easy to give your storage shed high-tech capabilities without requiring you to electrify it. In other cases, especially if your storage shed is very close to your house, you may be able to power lights and internet with nothing more than an extension cord.


If you're a stylist, you know that it can be tough to find a booth rental space with which you're a good fit. You may prefer to see clients in the privacy and security of your own place—but for many, converting a portion of your home to a styling studio can be cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, having family members and pets underfoot while you're working with a client can be unprofessional or even hazardous. By installing a chair or two, a sink, a wall-to-wall mirror, and some heavy-duty lighting in your storage shed, you'll be well equipped to cut, wash, and style hair in your own private studio.

Recording Studio

When it comes to creating high-quality music, "storage shed bands" are the new garage bands. Many of today's pre-fabricated storage sheds are easy to insulate, and installing some acoustic panels and extra outlets is nothing more than a quick weekend project. Best of all, most storage sheds have large entryways, which can be ideal when you're moving an amp, drum kit, and other musical gear from gig to gig. Whether you're interested in forming your own backyard band or just want a way for your teen drummer or electric guitar player to get in some practice without alienating the entire neighborhood, consider converting your family's storage shed to a small recording studio.


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Increasing Sales at Your Business

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