Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

How To Sell A Junk Car With Confidence

by Roger Hoffman

Perhaps you have found a junk car buyer to take your old car. However, you're not sure how to handle the process with confidence. Fortunately, you can do the following three things to ensure you'll navigate selling a junk car with skill.

Have the Paperwork Ready

The title is the most important piece of paperwork attached to a car, even a junk one. Make sure you've located the title. Likewise, if there are any oddities involved, such as a transfer from another party or a previous loan lien, make sure those are cleared up before you hand the title over.

Know your state's rules for selling junk car titles, too. For example, most states require an official declaration the car is junk. This is often as simple as writing the word "junk" on the title, however, contact your nearest state police barracks to find out more. They can usually put you in touch with a highway officer who can provide more specific details about the rules where you live.

Understand the Car's Value

Foremost, if the car is junk, don't expect top value. Even if it is junk because of something like a blown motor and is otherwise in great condition, that's going to ding the price.

Damage, especially frame damage, will depress the price, too. Anyone who might want to fix the car is likely going to have to obtain a rebuilt title for the car. That is a process that requires a lot more inspection, and folks who do that work need to hedge their risk by paying less.

You can check the book value of the car online. Simply search for the term "book value," and you'll find several websites that will provide values. Typically, these sites ask several questions and then spit out a number. Be honest about the condition of the car if you want to see a realistic price a junk car buyer might be willing to pay.

Ask About Transportation

Generally, a junk car buyer can pay a bit more if they don't have to haul or two the vehicle. If you don't intend to transport the car, ask the buyer how they plan to handle the issue. Likewise, if you plan to move it, ask the buyer if that makes a difference in the price before you agree to the sale.

Whatever you do, don't attempt to drive a junk car to a buyer's location. It is almost certainly illegal to drive it in that condition. Buyers tend to be industrious people, and they can usually figure something out.


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