Increasing Sales at Your Business

Increasing Sales at Your Business

2 Benefits Of Using A Notary Service Whenever You Need Documents Signed

by Roger Hoffman

If you and another person are doing business with each other, you may have decided to draw up documents for both of you to sign. While signing such documents between two parties is often all that is needed when you have to prove the agreement, there are times when it is not enough when the other party contests the contents in court. 

To avoid all of this, you may want to have the signing of the documents witnessed and documented by a third party through a notary service. There are a couple of benefits of having the signatures on the documents notarized.

1. Notary Serves as a Witness to Both Parties Signing the Documents

One benefit of using a notary service whenever you need to have documents signed by you and another person is that the notary serves as a witness. Before you and the other party sign the documents, the notary will ask whether both of you understand and agree to the information presented in them.

Once they have verified that you are both in agreement, they will watch each of you sign the document. Then, they will document that they served as a witness by stamping the page with their seal along with signing and dating it. The notary will also have a separate document that is kept with them as additional proof.

2. Notary Verifies the Identities of the Signing Parties to Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Another benefit of using a notary is that they will verify the identities of both signers of the documents. This step of the process serves to protect you from fraud as well as to show the legal identities of the signers in case the documents are ever needed during a legal dispute. 

Before you and the other person sign, the notary will request government photo IDs, such as driver's licenses. After they verify the information, they will record the information on their own forms that serve as documentation that they witnessed the signatures.

Whenever you and another party sign a document, it should become a binding contract between you. However, having a notary witness the document signing as well as verify your identities, gives you extra protections that help to solidify the legality of the documents. Contact a business in your area that offers notary services to speak with someone for more information about the process and what needs to be brought with you to a document-signing appointment.

Contact a local notary service to learn more. 


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